Functional Ingredients

Our main activity is the distribution and blending of functional ingredients from certified suppliers, for improving the consistency, colour and shelf life of meat processing products. Through a wide range of products, we offer the ideal solution for any demand, whether it’s a cooked sausage, fermented product, gyros or souvlaki.

  • Emulsifiers for meat mass
  • Meat cultures, reddening agents with or without taste
  • Ham combis with or without taste
  • Colouring agents for attractive meat colour
  • Shelf life prolongation and preservation with or without E-numbers
  • Antioxidants / colour stability with or without E-numbers
  • Stabilizers with or without taste for improving the yield and consistency
  • Complete Combis
  • Starches, sugars, fibers
  • Vegetable and animal proteins
  • Preservatives, phosphates, thickening agents, alginates
  • Εnzymes